Chance Knight


Some of you may know me as the guy who’s sold over $40 million of products/services by age 25. Some of you may know me as the kid who was a high school drop out, dealing and doing drugs, stealing cars and getting incarnated all before age 18.

If you don’t know me, my names Chance Knight. I’m 25 yrs old and live in Columbus Oh. I’m a dog dad to Reggie & Kaia (my best friends) Here’s a picture 🙂

I’m a high performing entrepreneur who at every turn, has had life against me. My father was involved with running guns & drugs for the cartel (while being an addict) which is a huge story in itself. At age 13, I was then selling a variety of drugs which eventually turned into me doing a variety of them. Later on we became homeless more than a few times. At 16, I dropped out of school, got 9 charges, tried to run and stole a car which then lead me to doing some time.

Then I got out, cleaned up, and found my passion in sales. I finally had a sense that maybe my life could be different than what I was ever shown.. Even though I loved sales, my life still sucked. My attitude sucked. My alignment and energy was non-existent as I had to create so many false images of myself in order to fulfill the shoes I needed too while trying to survive. Which you can imagine, wasn’t a fulfilling or fun life to live.

All this to say, I’ve walked the walk and I damn sure talk the talk. Everything that happened in my journey thus far has been for me to impact and deliver guidance in other high performing peoples life. The road is very lonely and that’s why we created The Next Level Experience. I’m so pumped for you to join us on this journey for you to take total and complete control over your life again.