Ray King


Our story begins on a small Idaho farm, where I learned the enduring values of hard work, resilience, and delayed gratification from the crack of dawn until nightfall.

My path led me to a successful career in Chemical Engineering, a journey that provided comfort but left me searching for something deeper. It was during my decade-long pursuit of bodybuilding, standing proudly on stage, that I realized the void within me. My physical prowess masked an emotional, mental, and spiritual emptiness.

In the midst of 2020’s darkness, I found myself at rock bottom, lost and alone. Determined to rebuild, I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and development. I devoured knowledge from diverse sources, striving to make myself whole once more.

Then, I discovered the transformative power of the Next Level Experience. It became the source that nurtured all four pillars of health and well-being in my life. I immersed myself, absorbing wisdom and insight like a sponge. Since that pivotal moment, I’ve continued to ascend, growing in every dimension of my existence. The path ahead is vibrant, filled with promise, and I’m on a mission to offer others the same opportunity.

Join me on a transformative expedition where we equip ourselves with the tools, habits, and experiences needed to level up. Each day becomes a meaningful pursuit, each step a chance for growth. Let’s unlock the potential within, igniting a passion that makes every day worth living. Together, we’ll find growth in every moment of our remarkable journey.